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Our main products include Bucket elevator chain/NE series chain, Plate Feed Chain, Slat Conveyor Chain, Large Conveyor Chain, Re-claimer chain, Waste Paper Baler Chain, Scraper Chain and others. Our products are used in cement, mining, environmental protection, paper, farming, waste packing and other sectors.

To be in the list of top scraper chain manufacturers, we are exporting quality scraper and baler chains to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Middle East and other regions. We have the aim to stretch our reach to all parts of the world. We have the capacity to serve international customers with quality products and on-time delivery.


Best Conveyor Chain Manufacturers and Baler Chain Manufacturers

Yizheng Hongfeng Chain Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the established and renowned baler chain manufacturers in China. We provide several products include Plate Feed Chain, Slat Conveyor Chain, large Conveyor Chain, mining chain, Waste Paper Baler Chain, Scraper Chain, and others. We are a baler chain manufacturers that have a facility with 20 years of production experience. We serve many large machinery companies in China and follow their machinery export to Southeast Asia, Europe, and America. We have a quality assurance department that serve us in the best manner.
Mine chains undergo extreme strain: moisture, wear and tear and abrasion. Different types of chain links are used for mining such as plough chains, conveyor chains, special connectors, etc. Quality is the top priority when meeting the demands of heavy-duty mining operations. Being one of the top mining chain manufacturers, we produce the widest selection of chains for mining equipment.
Steel chains used in mines require specific features to withstand the demands of mining activity. There are very few good mining chain manufacturers throughout the world for these specialist types of chain. You need to have the quality mining chain chains to remain ahead of your competitors. We always make solid chains and procure the best quality raw materials to make our finished good flawless and which last long.
The yzhfit line up of precision roller chain items includes an entire range of standard drive chain, the innovative Chain Series, and a wide selection of Standard and Specialty Conveyor Chain. Further, our Chain and Belt Tensioner and Guides ups the chain run in perfect conditions to maximize efficiency. All of our products are internationally recognized as the most technically advanced in both design and manufacture. Being one of the best roller chain manufacturers, our innovations in the area of wear performance, corrosion protection, chain strength, and maintenance-free operations are solving issues and providing value to our customers and in response, our confidence level is going up.
In addition to usage on plant machinery and farm machinery, Yizheng Hongfeng’s chains can be found in the lumber, oil, food processing, mining, and different other industries. The necessary function of our roller chains is the transmission of mechanical power with a high degree of efficiency. We are considered as among the quality roller chain manufacturers in China.

Quality Scraper Chain Manufacturers and Roller Chain Manufacturers

Wet scraper conveyor chain is corrosion resistant and durable component to be used in enclosed, leak-proof wet scraper conveyor, which can convey fly ash, clay dirt, coal, & slag, etc. at elevated temperature. Mostly used in coal mines, industrial furnaces, and sugar industries, the wet scraper conveyor is manufactured utilizing the highest grade raw components, some of which are fabricated in-house. We are one of the few scraper chain manufacturers whose components are designed in a way to facilitate user-friendliness, easy installation, and reliability.
All the bulk spares and conveyor material handling equipment are manufactured in-house and also can be customized as per the specifications provided by the clients. All the components, including the scraper conveyor chain, are precisely manufactured utilizing the latest technology. Our quality chains make us one of the reliable scraper chain manufacturers.
We work with our customers to drive the best products for their manufacturing industries from keeping operations running efficiently today to continuously optimizing and improving for a productive tomorrow. As conveyor chain manufacturers we provide our clients with the chains they require to enhance productivity and achieve their manufacturing goals.
There are many manufacturing industries in China. There are several Conveyor Belts Manufacturers and Conveyor Chain Manufacturer in China so that the efficient running of our clients gets easy. Yizheng Hongfeng Chain Manufacturing Co., Limited provides a bucket elevator conveyor chain which can sustain to wear-resistant and provides a high strength. We give a specific chain for corrosive coal dust and cement conveyance. We also provide elevator chains with a special connecting link for its comfortable assembly and disassembly.
Our company develops and supplies countless special designs and configurations in any pitch dimension, intended for every industrial sector and application objectives. Among the top-quality conveyor chain manufacturers, we make sure that all components and the entire conveyor chain, including the sprockets, meet the requirements and needs of our customers. Conveyor chain manufacturing is the major portion of our production capacity. We are the leading manufacturer of top-quality conveyor chains. Our chains are the most valuable in the entire chain industry.
Since the needs of our customers differ significantly, Yizheng Hongfeng mainly gives individual solutions in the conveyor chain product department. Our engineers and technicians develop special conveyors and transport chains customized and optimized for your requirements. Our qualified technicians take us in the category of reliable conveyor chain manufacturers.
We work with a few of China’s largest agriculture machine manufacturers as well. So, if you need a quality chain supplier, come to us.

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