Best Waste Paper Baling Machine Manufacturers

Yizheng Hongfeng Chain Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is one of the established and renowned waste paper baling machine manufacturers. We are offering a high-quality range of machines that comprise of Bucket elevator chain/NE series chain, Plate Feed Chain, Slat Conveyor Chain, Large Conveyor Chain, Re-claimer chain, Waste Paper Baler Chain, Scraper Chain, and others. We are situated in Zhenzhou Town, Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province in China. Our variegated tailor-made bailing machines deliver superior performance and durability. Waste paper baling machines, also known as Semi-Automatic Horizontal Balers, are used for pressing different materials including both solid material and hollow plastic material. The equipment is an excellent option for facilities that need to handle at least two tons of volume of waste every hour and also with comparatively low labor costs. Keeping manual tying aside, all other processes are automatic for example material feeding with a compressing, conveyor, bale outlet door opening and closing, and bale ejecting.

Waste Paper Baling Machine Manufacturers in China

A variant of the bailing machine is called Vertical Waste Paper Baler. The baler is popular for downstroke balers and are standalone vertical baling machines. They are put to immense use in the disposal of cardboard or carton, perfect for cardboard/paper manufacturing units, waste recycling facilities, department stores, supermarkets, drug stores, printing facilities, grocery stores, and others that generate massive waste cardboard/paper. Waste paper baling machine manufacturers can strap dozens of cardboards into a bale up to 600kg (can be varied) with the largest bale size of 1520*760*1220mm. The volume reduction is about 12:1 when pressing cardboard waste or plastic film. For recycling centers, this will suggest reduced waste storage area, streamline entire waste processing functions and savings on transportation and labor expenditure. To be in the list of top waste paper baling machine manufacturers, we are exporting quality scraper and baler chains to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Middle East, and other regions. We have the aim to stretch our reach to all parts of the world. We can serve international customers with quality products and on-time delivery. We are a mainland chain manufacturing factory with 20 years of production experience. We serve many large machinery companies in China and follow their machinery export to Southeast Asia, Europe, and America. We have a quality assurance department that serve us in the best manner. We provide error-free machines which gave us a competitive edge over our competitors. So, if you are searching for a reliable waste paper baling machine manufacturers, come to us.